2024 Registration Announcement

WHAT: Registration process info (continuation of the 2023 registration process), including opportunity for some to register early.


WHY: The Seven Sisters Trail Race and Beast Coast Trail Running are passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion within trail running. Historically, BIPOC, LGBTQ, and female runners have made up a very small percentage of participants. This registration process is an attempt to ensure that underrepresented trail runners have a prioritized opportunity to register for the race. Of course, we’re attempting to balance that with the many of you who may not qualify as an underrepresented trail runner who also wants to run this year.


EARLY Registration: Runners who identify as female, BIPOC or LGBTQ+ have the opportunity to register for up to 50% of the total registration spots (a maximum of 250 runners). This early registration opportunity will be open for 48 hours, starting on January 4 at noon EST and ending on January 6 at noon EST at this link.


GENERAL Registration: General registration will be first come/first served and will include 50% of the total registration spots (250 runners), plus any unfilled early registration spots. Once the race limit has been met (500 registered runners), then runners can sign up for the waitlist.

General registration will open on January 6 at 2:00pm EST at this link.


WAITLIST: Runners can sign up on a first come/first served basis for the waitlist, which will be ordered based on time of registration. As spots become available for the event, runners will be automatically pulled from the top of the waitlist into the event and their credit card will be charged.  If you are on the waitlist and no longer interested in running, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist.

While being on the waitlist is obviously not a guarantee that you will get a spot in the race, we do want you to know that at the 2023 event, we had 250 runners on the waitlist and by race weekend, everyone who wanted to run was able to do so. Sometimes, similar to smart pacing at the Seven Sisters, patience is an asset!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will continue to evaluate this policy and listen to feedback,  and reserve the right to continue to modify registration for future years as needed. We appreciate feedback that can help us to better serve our inclusive community. 




FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The Seven Sisters Trail Race and Beast Coast Trail Running understand that entry fees can be a barrier for participation to some runners. We have set aside a portion of the budget to support those for whom this is the case – and will offer free or partial entries to anyone who needs it as long as there are funds available. No justification is needed to qualify. To access this, email the race director (racedirector@7sisterstrailrace.com) to get a coupon code to be used during registration (and best to do it before registration opens…otherwise you may miss out in the process of getting your code)!

And if you are someone who is supports this policy of financially helping those who needed and are in a position to help, we have a place to donate to our ‘sponsor a runner’ fund during registration.  That donation can help us support additional runners who need it!


WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Reminder that unfortunately registrations are not transferable or deferable.  However, runners who withdraw prior to April 19th are eligible for a partial ($40) refund so long as there is a waitlisted runner to take your spot.  Runners can withdraw from the event using this link.

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